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Our Credit Union = Our Superglue

My blog published on Cobh News on 28th August 2020:

Our Credit Union = Our Superglue

Dr. Harry Coover, an American Chemist is credited with the invention of Superglue. As a teenager he survived being hit by a train and then advanced to lead the charge in the discovery of one of the world’s most versatile products. Superglue would then go on to be used in an abundance of ways from war battle fields to typical homes around the world.
Not as serious as a battlefield but it can FEEL like it is when it STRIKES is FINANCIAL PRESSURE on families. Sending your child to college can be such a time. Of course, they are not your child at this stage but a very capable young adult, however our language abides and sending your child to college is the expression we typically use!
So, when this pressure STRIKES what can be your superglue? What can help your family? What can metaphorically glue you together to get you all to the next step? Here in Cobh we are deeply fortunate to have Cobh Credit Union on our doorstep. They are now actively advertising their 2020 Cobh Credit Union Scholarship Awards; these give financial help for families at such a costly time.
All the details are available by clicking this link, don’t forget the deadline is 18th September:
Credit Unions also provide loan options for students plus lots of other support. I remember when I was younger, and my Aunt Patricia volunteered with them. She gained highly valuable experience, then progressing to returning to the workforce after having her children, resulting in her administration position with the HSE. She continues to work with the HSE to this day.
In some other scholarship news I came across that UCC’s Sports Scholarships deadline has been extended to 21st September plus an array of useful info on other scholarships across other categories and bursaries and prizes, it is worth an hour of your day researching this information, again by clicking the below links..,APPLY%20FOR%20UCC%20SPORTS%20SCHOLARSHIP%3A%202020%2F2021,5pm%20Monday%2021%20September%202020.
If this information isn’t directly relevant for you or your family take a moment to think about anybody you might know who would benefit from this and SHARE this article…

Our career services are available online and we are delighted to support students and families in the transition to College.
All details available on

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