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Career Advice Services for CAO Offer Time

Career Advice Services for CAO Offer Time

We provide Career Consultations which are entirely based on supporting you to make the right CAO decisions.
Invest now for solid advice that could save you down the line!
Why invest now? Because of course we can “google” everything and that’s cool but what about information overload?
And what about the right information?
And what about feeling supported when doing this? Having a guide to be there with you?

Thinking through ALL of the practicalities (including financial) in choosing the RIGHT course, hard to remember all of these when you are exhausted from months of home schooling and the uncertainty of COVID-19.

Career consultations are priced at €75 which includes high quality latest advice from our Careers Team with expertise in teaching in Irish Universities and supporting a wide range of local and city schools including Bruce College Cork.
We provide these sessions online and also face to face if needed (within social distancing guidelines).
We will explain exactly how these sessions will work so do not panic if you are not used to online meetings!

Contact Avril on mobile 086 2176742 or email

Avril and her team’s experience includes:

UCC Lecturer, Guest Lecturer CIT & Delivered Training to CIT Lecturing Teams
UCC Graduate UL Graduate
Currently Training as a Psychologist – a student myself studying with Uni of Strathclyde
Recruited international students for UCC from 90+ countries!
Our Team are also graduates of CIT, the Irish Management Institute, UCC also and the University of Sheffield Hallam UK

Avril Mansworth
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