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Maximising Lockdown in Creative Style!

My interview with Tara McCarron who has been “Maximising Lockdown in Creative Style!”

Maximising Lockdown Time in Creative Style – Avril Mansworth on Cobh News

Maximising Lockdown Time in Creative Style

Tara McCarron is originally from Port Townsend, Washington. There she completed the equivalent of Irish Secondary School Education and progressed to her degree in Psychology from Reed College. Since graduating about 10 years ago Tara has worked mainly in the Hospitality Sector in Port Townsend and more recently in a Tiki Bar in her newer home of Portland, Oregon. Tara loves her niece, Marina and missed her greatly during lockdown as little Marina lives in Seattle.

Like so many others in the Hospitality Sector Tara was out of work when the COVID-19 restrictions rose to critical level in the states and she thought to herself well what now? She went on to constructively fill her time with gardening, baking and learning new songs, plus missing events like family weddings as so many others had to do. Then, after a 10 year’ education break Tara took the very brave step of more recently enrolling in a creative writing course.

We took some time to chat to Tara about her experience of taking this course. What motivated her to take this step? How did she find it, what was it like? How has it helped her? And what is studying online REALLY like?

Take it from us she has a natural talent for Creative Writing and we think we will see Tara and her creative work in the future.

Listen yo Tara tell us about all of the above and more:

Tara is an Irish-American, raised in Washington State after her parents (both in the medical field) emigrated to the States in the 1970’s. She loves her deep connections to Ireland and visits the Emerald Isle whenever she can. There are many interesting facts about Tara’s wider family from rare archaeological finds to very talented musicians.

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