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Broaden your Career Options in Cork with Human Reasons

Broaden your Career Options in Cork with Human Reasons

Its nearly one year to the day since we rebranded to our new name Human Reasons, It is hard to believe we were working hard to do this at a time when the world was about to enter into a global pandemic. Little did we know when we were immersed in the detail of the best type of logo or new business card the very stark reality of what was to come…
BUT we are still here, fighting the good fight as they say! Deep breaths!

Why’s that relevant to you as the reader?

Well, we can definitely help you identify the opportunities which are available to you. Let us HELP you to either:
1. Enjoy your current career MORE or survive it in the better way for NOW
2. Explore what other options might be available to you?

How we do this is by providing you with high quality Career Coaching Sessions.

So, what happens at these sessions, you might ask? Our team anchor our approach on the GROW Coaching Model to help structure the coaching support session:

G stands for Goal and your Goals are explored and determined.
R is when we discuss the Reality of the situation for you at present. Maybe by looking critically at this, small changes can be identified to make improvements.
O stands for Options. Here, we look at your past and present experiences and help you identify your strengths. We work with you on making updates to your CV to highlight these strengths. Maybe a strong Cover Letter will also help. Keeping your Goal in mind at all times is key.
W is for Wrap up and here we do an action list with realistic timelines to help you move forward slowly to make changes and to reach that goal.

Career Coaching sessions are beneficial at any stage of your career including Leaving Certificate students who are struggling with future plans and those looking to have a better daily experience of working from home.
The Human Reasons team currently work from their home town of Cobh in East Cork and work is currently carried out online and on the phone.

Contact us today on 086 2176742 or email to find out our availability to support you over the coming weeks ahead

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