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Courage and Bravery of Studying from Home

Courage and Bravery of Studying from Home

Online learning, online courses, study online, study from home, remote learning, webinars, online peer discussion, the list goes on for how many ONLINE terms we can squeeze into the education and training world currently.

It’s 2 weeks ago to the second nearly when I pressed the final “submit” button after completing two back to back exams from our spare room itself which I seem to have taken over since “COVID Hit” as we tend to say here in Cork…

This was basically a crash course in how hard it can be when you are literally piled into a room on your own with the only company you have being whatever device you are using. Yes you don’t have to worry about being “dressed properly” hair brushed whatever it is HOWEVER talking from my own experience as only I can do, it’s no match for having the support of other people around you.

That common humanity, we are all in this together, seeing other people, seeing them doing the actual exam, them seeing you, smiling at you, wishing you well.

I know it might sound dramatic but I really honestly feel that studying from home and doing exams from home is such a brave brave brave thing to do. You log on, you have to keep going and you have the constant temptation of literally pressing the OFF SWITCH and running as fast as you can out of the spare room in my own situation!

Yes it’s “handy” studying online and there are huge benefits but let’s not forget the immense courage it takes to sign up for this stuff, to participate in it and to be examined in it.


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