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May – A Month OF all Seasons and FOR all Reasons

May – A Month OF all Seasons and FOR all Reasons – by our team member Anne Moroney

I was complaining about the weather being so bad for start of Summer and my sister who is both a Horticulturist and a Horticultural Therapist said ‘a wet and windy May, fills the barns with corn and hay’. Now, for those of us who do not have a clue what that means, it is in the Autumn that hay and corn harvested are saved into the barns. If we have had a good summer, then these crops will be plentiful and there will be great rejoicing amongst the country folk. I was thinking afterwards that this can also be equated with bumpy times in our careers. We have all had those stormy times leading us to feeling down. However, there are always better times ahead. I suppose what we all do need is that little reminder about this and assistance to actually see forward. After being made redundant myself from working in industry for more years than I would care to share, I went for some coaching with Avril Quinn, now Mansworth. Little did I know that it would mean that I would get to work with her in the not too distant future. Avril, worked with me to discover what aspects of my ‘old’ job I really liked and how I could bridge the gap to get to my ‘new’ job. All I needed was some brain storming and some training and it lead me to my harvest! True story………..

May also hosts World Bee Day and the theme this year is Be engaged: Build Back Better for Bees focusing on the threats of protection posed by Covid-19 to bees and other pollinators. Here again, I think this applies to us all following Covid. We, too have been threatened in many ways. We have had plenty time to think for sure but have we reached clarity around where we want to go from here. We can help you to Be engaged and to Build Back Better.

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