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The Story of the Cuckoo is inspirational – can we change our Tune too?

The Story of the Cuckoo is inspirational – can we change our Tune too???

We are all familiar with the following little ditty about The Cuckoo:

The Cuckoo comes in April,

He sings his song in May,

In merry June, he changes his tune,

And in July he flies away.

However, how much more do we actually know about him or indeed her? I would encourage you to watch the following clip that explains about what happens when the female cuckoo lays her egg in another birds nest while the male sings his song! You see, they don’t arrive from Africa where they have spent the Winter, on time to build their own nests. The video shows what focus and determination can achieve.

Of course, the baby Cuckoo does have to be fed and cared for in order to grow and to prepare for their long and probably lonely journey back to Africa. There, they will spend the Winter and so the cycle begins again.

Having looked at this myself I could not help but think that we humans are so lucky to have so many supports in place to help us to grow.

Our journey does not have to be a lonely one. However, we do need to have that focus and determination if we want to achieve our goal. We can all get that dream job. It won’t be easy, but it will be worth it. Let us help YOU to change YOUR tune and spread YOUR wings this June. Changing your tune does NOT come from a place of judgement! We understand for some it may be difficult to even believe we have a tune, hear our own tune and celebrate what we have to offer. The term is simply a reminder that we have so much to learn from nature when we give ourselves a few seconds to connect with this simple wisdom that really is gold dust for us all.


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