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Interview Preparation

First interview? Internal Interview at Work? Online Interview? Phone Interview? Competency Based Interview? Graduate Interview?

Nervous about Interviews? Want that Competitive Edge to set you apart from the other candidates?

So, your professionally designed CV has done its job and you have been invited for interview. Or you did a great job of your CV yourself and as a result have been invited for interview, either way we can help you with this next step…. Interview Preparation!

Our Interview Preparation Workshops are entirely based on preparing you in the most supportive way for that target position you are aiming for. And yes, it is entirely normal to feel reluctant about practicing, that’s how most of us feel but preparing is extremely helpful, trust us!  Plus we are very approachable and have lots of experience in this area.

We will work with you to help you practice explaining your key experience in terms of relevant previous employment, education & training completed, voluntary work (if applicable) plus any other critical information that employers expect to hear in the interview.  The result of this will be helping to present you as a leading candidate in the interview process for the position you are applying for.

To make the process of reviewing your suitability for the position easier for Employers you need to be summarize your key information concisely. This is your CRITICAL opportunity either be selected or NOT for being offered the position.  It is crucially important to get this step right.

We also provide interview preparation support for other types of interviews including Group Interviews, Panel Interviews, Role Plays and Job Simulations.

Executive : €125

Professional : €75

Graduate : €60

Student : €50

Discount for Unemployed : €50

Gift vouchers available, please click this link.

Interview Preparation support from highly recommended recruitment experts to support YOU demonstrate your unique talent (experience, skills & qualities).

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We’ve got this and more importantly you’ve got this and we will work with you to show you how!

We provide career services to individuals & groups across all stages of their careers & lives.

We work with people 1:1 or in groups, we work with people both in person and we also support clients remotely i.e. online when needed.

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