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Talent Management – including the “Tricky Stuff”

What type of “Tricky Stuff” comes up?

In our experience it is usually in the area of performance management; so for example something to do with a disciplinary or grievance situation or something similar such as conflict, an employee exit handled badly that type of thing. Our experience ranges from the very mild to the very serious. We have vast experience in guiding both Employers and Employees in these situations.

Employee Wellbeing (including Mental Health)

The reality is Employee Wellbeing (including Mental Health) is coming up more and more in Talent Management conversations in most companies right now.

Our Talent Wellbeing section maps out the support we provide when “Tricky Stuff” arises with Employee Wellbeing and once again we recommend you look at the “contact us – about our team” section you can find details on our experience in these areas in particular Avril’s latest postgraduate studies in Psychology.

Our approach and ethos to all of the support we provide is grounded by our strong values and dedication to our clients while respecting confidentiality and privacy.

Coaching & Mentoring;

In the context of Talent Management we also provide Coaching & Mentoring sessions on behalf of companies when external support is needed, a practical example can be a specific improvement in performance that an employee needs support in achieving. Indeed it may be a more positive example also where an employees performance needs to go from “good” to “great”, that’s also an option in terms of the support we offer!

In addition to the above our Talent Development section also details that we provide training in both Coaching & Mentoring for organisations to empower themselves with these critical skill sets.

Individual Redundancies & Career Outplacement Support

Those potentially tricky scenarios where only one position is being made redundant (or certain positions within a team) and it can be very helpful to have external support to help all parties walk through this process in a supported way.

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