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Bridge Back to School

My blog published on Cobh News on 26th August 2020 2020 Bridge Back to School out this link to this guide and even though you might feel an Autism Guide isn’t relevant for you or your family I…

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Our Credit Union = Our Superglue

My blog published on Cobh News on 28th August 2020: Our Credit Union = Our Superglue Dr. Harry Coover, an American Chemist is credited with the invention of Superglue. As a teenager he survived being hit by a train…

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Thank Crunchie it’s Friday!

Big sigh of relief and time for a BIG bar of crunchie! Will enjoy reading this testimonial also on our colleague's great work this week, supporting a client who needed a CV overhaul.... “Fast & efficient service. Totally transformed my…

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Friday Feeling Feedback!

Great way to finish off this week with this feedback on our colleague's support for a Career Client: "From the minute I made contact I was put at ease by their efficiency and professionalism. Anne as my point of contact…

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Our Special Delivery!

we have had a very Special Delivery of some really lovely feedback on our colleague Colette's support that she has recently offered many of our career clients - reminder that we are working ONLINE to support clients right now... Testimonial…

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