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Computer Says No! Technology & Mindfulness

This morning just after 7am I was reminded of that scene from Little Britain “Computer Says No…!” and if you bear with me a few minutes I’ll tell you WHY….

Our Cork based Career Coaching Services at Human Reasons mean that we get to support lots of students in their education journey from college applications to surviving exams! (more details on As it happens I myself returned to the school books in the recent years, and know how tough it can be to try to get the school work done and yes for me one challenge I can find is TECHNOLOGY!

I recently completed a key part of my research project and am now onto the next stage of data analysis, exciting but SCARY as new technology was inevitably going to be part of this.P

Psyched myself up for every stage of this journey. Yes, I do work on a laptop for most of my work HOWEVER I am very used to (as we all are probably) using the SAME features on the laptop etc. etc. etc. Therefore learning something NEW is going to be a bit of a step.

1. Realise I need to learn that new software exists

2. Broadly learn how this software works and what is for

3. Psych myself up to plan the time to learn this software

4. ACTUALLY listen to the lecture on how the software works

5. Practice using the software

6. Use the software “live” on the real thing and start getting to work

So what happened? Yes I did ALL of the above, I stayed in adult mode as much as I could, I set time aside everyday to make a start over the last 3 days and THIS MORNING when I logged into this famous SOFTWARE I had to renew my licence to use it, fair enough. Or so I thought… as when I logged back in then I discovered that ALL OF THE WORK I DID LAST WEEK HAS NOW BEEN LOST AS A RESUT OF THE LICENCE RENEWAL, so my software learning has now shifted into reminding myself TO BREATHE and practice some much needed mindfulness instead!

Who knows, they may be able to recover this work I did or maybe not, in the meantime I’m sticking with my breathing exercises to keep me sane (plus coffee)…………

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