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Talent Recruitment

We are now going to invite you to take an initial look at the recruitment support we provide by reading the below…

We support companies at each stage of the recruitment journey right from defining hiring requirements, designing job adverts, to interviewing and preparing job offers & employment contracts. We can design any and every stage or work with the process you already have in place. We can provide support ranging from one vacancy to multiple vacancies.

Our clients trust us with their recruitment requirements which can include doing all of or part of:

  1. Designing Recruitment Processes including candidate sourcing strategies, job adverts
  2. Reviewing job applications/CVs – shortlisting candidates
  3. Interviewing; Face to Face, Phone, Online, 1:1, Group, Panel, Behavioural, Personality, Internal Interviews etc.
  4. *also can provide additional Interviewers to join your Interviewing Team at short notice*
  5. Psychometric Profiling/Testing; Personality Profiling, Aptitude (Ability) Testing etc. – we can use the tools you use or we can organise these for you ourselves with our own tools. We are trained by the world’s experts in Psychometrics to include Gallup, Korn Ferry, SHL (CEB) & Select International Assessments aligned to the practices as outlined by bodies such as the British Psychological Society.
  6. Skills Testing; Presentations, Intray Exercises, Practical Tests etc.
  7. Reference Checking & Organising Pre-Employment Medicals
  8. Preparing Job Offers
  9. Preparing onboarding support
  10. Liaising with any Recruitment Partners you may have eg. Recruitment Agencies, PR Companies etc.

We have experience ranging from recruiting for start ups to recruiting for existing teams. Our start up experience includes recruiting Senior Leadership Teams.

We can provide recruitment support at every level of your organisation from the graduate to a member of your senior team.

Additional Recruitment Services

  • Interviewer Training (new to interviewing, refreshers for experienced interviewers)
  • Review of Recruitment Processes (aligned to legislation guidelines & best practice)
  • Designing Recruitment Strategies

highly recommended HR Consultants who work with every size organisation to support their unique needs & critical requirements in a way that maximizes the organisation’s potential

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