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Pre-Employment Testing; Aptitude/Personality/Assessment Centres

First aptitude test? Internal Personality Profile at Work? Online Skills Testing? Group Assessment Centre? Practical skills test you need to prepare for?

Nervous about pre-employment testing that can involve what is called aptitude or ability testing? First time doing something like this?  Or indeed do you want that Competitive Edge to set you apart from the other candidates?

So, your professionally designed CV has done its job and you have been invited for the assessment process.  Or you did a great job of your CV yourself and as a result have been invited for assessment, either way we can help you with this next step…. Pre-Employment Testing!

Our support entirely based on preparing you in the most supportive way for that target position you are aiming for. And yes, it is entirely normal to feel overwhelmed or nervous about practicing these types of tests and profile, that’s how most of us feel but preparing is extremely helpful, trust us!  Plus, we are very approachable and have lots of experience in this area.

We will work with you to help you practice in a way that is supportive for you and helps you to feel the confidence level you want to feel in preparation for the day itself.   The result of this will be helping to present you as a leading candidate in the assessment process for the position you are applying for. We have worked with lots of candidates to help them to prepare and we also work with companies in helping them to design processes like these, so we really do know the nuts and bolts of this area.

To make the process of reviewing your suitability for the position easier for Employers you need to be able to showcase your key abilities and personality qualities as clearly as possible.  This is your CRITICAL opportunity either be selected or NOT for being offered the position.  It is crucially important to get this step right.

We can offer guidance regarding the assessment tools the Company will use in the testing process, or we can organise an alternative for you with our own tools. We are trained by the world’s experts in Psychometrics to include Gallup, Korn Ferry, SHL (CEB) & Select International Assessments aligned to the practices as outlined by bodies such as the British Psychological Society.

We also offer support in Skills Testing to include Presentations, In-tray Exercises, Practical Tests etc.

Aptitude Testing  :  Various Packages Available

Personality Profiling  :  Various Packages Available

Assessment Centre Preparation  :  Various Packages Available

Preparation support from highly recommended recruitment experts to support YOU demonstrate your unique talent (experience, skills & qualities).

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