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LinkedIn Profile Design/Update

Get that job, create a better impression with your professional contacts or simply be part of the professional game of online networking….

LinkedIn Profiles are becoming more and more of a reality in how we navigate our daily career world. Essentially, it can helpful to take the view your LinkedIn Profile is the equivalent of an online version of your CV. Clients come to us for help with their LinkedIn Profile at all stages, clients who have never used LinkedIn before, those who want to update their profile or those who want to give their profile an entire overhaul, the operation transformation equivalent of a profile update!

So, what is the purpose of your LinkedIn Profile? Mission = create the best impression possible.

Just as with your professional CV, your LinkedIn Profile needs to reflect your best self, the parts of you that you want to highlight to your career world and that can be future employers, key professional contacts or those friends you want to impress!

Even though we have mentioned above that your LinkedIn profile is the equivalent of an online version of your CV it can be so much more also…. It has many EXTRAS to offer such as recommendations, which are basically similar to references and are very useful to have included on your profile. You can also take the opportunity to showcase relevant projects you have been involved in and do cool things like write articles etc.

WARNING however do talk to us or somebody who knows this area before venturing ahead to start your own writing on LinkedIn, its always a good idea to get support when doing something for the first time. Not to mention the fact that it can be pretty overwhelming also…

A professionally designed LinkedIn Profile which has been written in collaboration with recruitment experts will support you in achieving all of the above and give you that competitive edge.

We will work with you to identify your key experience in terms of relevant previous employment, education & training completed, voluntary work (if applicable) plus any other critical information that employers expect to be on your LinkedIn Profile. g for.

Just as with our other services, there are many other additional benefits to LinkedIn Profile support such as the opportunity to reflect on your Career to date, and what you have achieved. Again, feedback we receive from clients is that they are often very surprised by HOW much they have achieved, they have underestimated their career achievements so far as we all do and that talking to an external support (as we are in Human Reasons) is really beneficial from that perspective, a welcome confidence boost in what can be a tough world at times.

Executive : €125

Professional : €75

Graduate : €60

Student : €50

Discount for Unemployed : €50

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Professionally designed & updated LinkedIn Profiles by highly recommended recruitment experts to demonstrate your unique talent (experience, skills & qualities).).

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