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Talent Wellbeing (including Mental Health)

In this section we invite you to take an initial look at the Talent Wellbeing support we provide by reading the below information.

In the about us page you can find details on our experience in these areas and we do recommend you take the time to look at this information in particular Avril’s latest postgraduate studies in Psychology.

We Provide 1:1 Support for Employees

Returning to work after absence; long term sick leave, maternity leave, career breaks etc.

Balancing working with experiencing a long term illness

Returning to work after “tough stuff” such as grief, being injured etc.

We provide 1:1 Support to Employees to add to the existing support they may be receiving already from the Company. We also work in partnership with any other support which may be in place including for example Occupational Health and The Company Doctor.

We Provide Talent Wellbeing Training

We also provide Wellbeing (including Mental Health) Training for Teams and Leaders (also mentioned in the Talent Development section of this website.

Our Talent Wellbeing Training covers everything you can expect from a proactive Wellbeing Ethos from building awareness to how to deal with a crisis in a supported and resourced way.

We Deliver Wellbeing Guest Talks

We can deliver a number of Wellbeing Guest Talks for your Company to suit your specific needs, please get in touch to discuss.

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