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CAREER SERVICES Write Your Next Chapter We provide career services to individuals
& groups across all stages of their careers
& lives. You CAN trust us.
AVRIL MANSWORTH Local HR Consultant & Career Coach supporting
both organisations & individuals.
Postgraduate Psychology Student (BPS Accredited)
Spanish Speaker
Talent Recruitment We support companies at each stage of the recruitment
journey right from defining hiring requirements,
designing job adverts, to interviewing and preparing
job offers & employment contracts.
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human reasons – our reason is you

Write your Next Chapter. We KNOW what we are doing in all things Career.  You CAN trust us.

We’ve got this and more importantly you’ve got this and we will work with you to show you how! We provide career services to individuals & groups across all stages of their careers & lives.

HR Services

As both HR Consultant & Career Coaches we specialise in providing key HR support to organisations in Talent Recruitment, Development and Wellbeing. We provide highly personable and innovative support including delivering latest thinking workshops across Organisational Development & Wellbeing.

Career Services

What is unique about our team at Human Reasons is that we work both as HR Consultants and Career Coaches. Therefore, we work constantly with both Employers and also with candidates looking for work and to improve their Careers. Our experience also includes Lecturing on both University and College Programmes.

Talent Wellbeing

We provide a range of services that support talent wellbeing. Support for employees returning to work after illness, injury, loss or a career break. We also provide Wellbeing (including Mental Health) Training for Teams and Leaders and can deliver a number of Wellbeing Guest Talks for your Company.

Open For Business During COVID Pandemic; At Human Reasons we totally GET IT in terms of how traumatic this year has been at every possible human level.

I am a Business Owner running my own business, with my own team and many clients who need support. I also have my own family and I volunteer in Suicide Prevention; with all of both the joy and much responsibility that can bring.

Our team are predominantly working from home and mainly ONLINE and we know this can be hard also, although we don’t miss the traffic to be honest! We are open for business and we do GET IT.

All Career Services are Available Online

We can help you where-ever you are.

We provide career services to individuals & groups across all stages of their careers & lives.

We work with people 1:1 or in groups, we work with people both in person and we also support clients remotely i.e. online when needed.

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Real Customer Testimonials

Our restaurant group has a long and very beneficial relationship with Avril Mansworth. Avril has improved our organisation ethically and professionally in many respects. Avril has elevated our professional responses and methods in dealing with a wide range of people issues and has served as a marvellous ambassador for our group on numerous occasions.

We are only able to offer professional and emotional support to colleagues in a structured way, due to the volume of work that Avril has done for us in setting up structures. Avril has been instrumental in the conceptual and delivery stage of a wide range of training initiatives, is an excellent tutor and a very professional and engaging speaker. We couldn’t recommend her enough and would be pleased to provide a verbal reference if required.

– Conrad Howard, Ownership Team Market Lane Restaurant Group (Market Lane Restaurant & Bar, Castle Café Restaurant Bar & Kitchen Garden, Orso Kitchen & Bar, Elbow Lane Brew & Smokehouse and latest addition Goldie Fish & Ale.

Conrad Howard

Today’s organisations undoubtedly face great depth and complexity of challenges. It is absolutely critical that we put the human into each reason for every single decision we make.

I know Avril in many ways, through my previous work with The Samaritans and in my current capacity as Head of Marketing & International Business at Cork Institute of Technology (CIT). I can personally recommend Avril’s approach in supporting today’s teams and I wish her and her team the best in this new chapter!

Dr. Pio Fenton, Head of Marketing & International Business at Cork Institute of Technology (CIT) & Previous Director of The Samaritans in Ireland 

Dr. Pio Fenton

If you would like more details on our unique approach and more detail on our background – check out our previous experience.

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