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Student Support


As both HR Consultants & Career Coaches we have highly effective support services we can offer all students from TY to 5th & 6th Year plus across all undergraduate and postgraduate levels.  This includes online support. Our highly recommended Career Consultations are  always very popular with students, and of course you may also like to call these Career Planning or Career Coaching Sessions.


Our Student Support Services are highly personable & innovative, entirely built on a foundation of the latest thinking in both Recruitment & Selection and Talent Development. As you know the world of further education constantly evolves, therefore we are constantly updating our coaching and guidance education and skill sets to ensure we are supporting all students in the most effective way. We also have experience in Lecturing and Teaching undergraduate & postgraduate students on both University and College programmes.


Our Student Support Sessions can be targeted to whatever your critical career needs are right now (5th Year Subject Choices, CAO, PAC Course Applications) or any future education planning you may wish to explore.


What sets us apart in particular is our reality that we provide both HR Support to Companies and Career Support to Individuals. This means we are interacting constantly with both companies and individual clients in relation to what is really happening in the workplace right now and based on this what the future trends might be.


It can be very helpful for students to speak to somebody neutral, somebody outside of your regular “circle” about an important part of your life such as your future studies & career, and all the better if this person has the right skills and experience to help you.

Student Career Coaching Sessions : €60

Student Application Support (CAO etc.) : €60

Parent Support Session : €75

Gift vouchers available, please click this link.

Student Career Coaching Sessions (Supporting every stage of student from Transition Year to 5th Year to 6th Year CAO Time to Undergraduate and Postgraduate Level)

Explore your unique talent (experience, skills & qualities) with highly recommended HR Experts with University Lecturing experience using the latest techniques to support YOU.

All career services are available online

Write your Next Chapter

We KNOW what we are doing in all things Career

You CAN trust us

We’ve got this and more importantly you’ve got this and we will work with you to show you how!

We provide career services to individuals & groups across all stages of their careers & lives.

We work with people 1:1 or in groups, we work with people both in person and we also support clients remotely i.e. online when needed.

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