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Cover Letters / Emails

For as far back as I can remember these guys (Cover Letters) are the CV’s partner in crime. They go together (Cover Letter & CV) like salt & pepper, bread & butter, whatever traditional combination comes to mind. Of course, we also need to remember that today they can be packaged as a Cover Letter or a Cover Email.  As trends continue to change we don’t expect Cover Letters to “be around” forever but RIGHT NOW they exist and right now you have a job you want to get so let’s get to work…

We need a professional Cover Letter/Email that combines with a Professional CV to reflect our best selves to really increase our chances of being invited for interview, it’s a simple as that.

As with your Professional CV you may be applying for that target position that has just been advertised, or you may be “getting ready” for a future time when you are going to be applying for work (maybe that next rainy day) however, in any event having your Cover Letter/Email ready to go is always helpful…. trust us! And yes, it is entirely normal to feel resistant to this process, just like with CVs we have yet to meet a person who was super excited to get their Cover Letter/Email ready, honestly.

A professionally designed Cover Letter/Email which has been written in collaboration with recruitment experts will support you in achieving the interview for that target position you are applying for. It will be a powerful combination with your Professional CV.   The result of this will be presenting you as a leading candidate for the position you are applying for.

It is critical that you are supported fully in identifying this important information in terms of its key relevance for the target position that number 1. you are aiming to achieve and number 2. the Employer is aiming to fill with the right candidate. Most Employers expect your Cover Letter/Email to be presented in an easy to read yet very professional manner. Just like with your Professional CV, this is your CRITICAL opportunity either be selected or NOT for interview. It is so important to get this fundamental first step right.

There are many other additional benefits to receiving Career Services support such as the opportunity to reflect on your Career to date, and what you have achieved. Feedback we receive from clients is that they are often very surprised by HOW much they have achieved, they have underestimated their career achievements so far as we all do and that talking to an external support (as we are in Human Reasons) is really beneficial from that perspective, a welcome confidence boost in what can be a tough world at times.

Executive : €50

Professional : €40

Graduate : €30

Student : €25

Discount for Unemployed : €25

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Professionally designed Cover Letter/Email by highly recommended recruitment experts to summarize your unique talent (experience, skills & qualities).

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