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Our restaurant group has a long and very beneficial relationship with Avril Mansworth. Avril has improved our organisation ethically and professionally in many respects. Avril has elevated our professional responses and methods in dealing with a wide range of people issues and has served as a marvellous ambassador for our group on numerous occasions.

We are only able to offer professional and emotional support to colleagues in a structured way, due to the volume of work that Avril has done for us in setting up structures. Avril has been instrumental in the conceptual and delivery stage of a wide range of training initiatives, is an excellent tutor and a very professional and engaging speaker. We couldn’t recommend her enough and would be pleased to provide a verbal reference if required.

– Conrad Howard, Ownership Team Market Lane Restaurant Group (Market Lane Restaurant & Bar, Castle Café Restaurant Bar & Kitchen Garden, Orso Kitchen & Bar, Elbow Lane Brew & Smokehouse and latest addition Goldie Fish & Ale.

Today’s organisations undoubtedly face great depth and complexity of challenges. It is absolutely critical that we put the human into each reason for every single decision we make.

I know Avril in many ways, through my previous work with The Samaritans and in my current capacity as Head of Marketing & International Business at Cork Institute of Technology (CIT). I can personally recommend Avril’s approach in supporting today’s teams and I wish her and her team the best in this new chapter!

Dr. Pio Fenton, Head of Marketing & International Business at Cork Institute of Technology (CIT) & Previous Director of The Samaritans in Ireland 

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