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Level 1 Certified Training in Food Hygiene and HACCP

Level 1 Certified Training in Food Hygiene and HACCP


Now available to be delivered via Zoom at for 50 euro per person but with reduced rates for groups (you could do it with a friend). Takes 2.5 hours.


Special offer of 10% discount for first 10 participants.


Excellent addition to CV to open employment options.


What does this training cover?


The training will cover the basic information that Food Handling Employees should have when entering employment in Food Chain areas.


It is a legal requirement that all Food Handlers should be trained in Food Safety and HACCP.


If YOU are already trained, YOU will be much more attractive to Employers.

YOU will have a Certificate and can highlight this on your CV and in your Cover Letter when applying for employment in Food Businesses including Industry, Hotels and Restaurants, Supermarkets and Delis.


Currently there is a huge demand for workers in Takeaways and Delis.


Certificate will specify training has been completed in:


Learning Areas:

Food Hygiene, Microbiology & Food Poisoning,

Introduction to HACCP

Cross Contamination of Food, Personal Hygiene,

Cleaning Management & Pest Control,

Control of Allergens,

Good Documentation Procedures.


Everybody is welcome to do this training you don’t need to have any previous experience or qualifications!

Parents gift vouchers also available – give your son or daughter the gift of possibility!


Why would I bother doing this?


Are you a student looking for part-time or summer work? Are you someone wishing to go back into the workplace after rearing a family? Do you want a career change and need a ‘stepping stone’ to get into Food Manufacturing, Pharma, BioPharma or Medical Devices Industries? If Yes is the answer to any of these questions then this training is definitely for YOU.


This will be Certified training to add to YOUR CV.


Feedback from a student




Contact Us:


Phone:+353(0) 86 217 6742

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