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Waterford Whispers Develop Vaccine to Rediscover Your Sense of Humour.. My latest article for Cobh News

Waterford Whispers Develop Vaccine to Rediscover Your Sense of Humour

Yes of course this headline is in jest and for anybody (truly little I would imagine at this stage) who has not heard of Waterford Whispers I would recommend taking 5 minutes to check out their website Waterford Whispers News – Irish Satire news. As I said this title is in jest BUT, and there is always a BUT, there is also a part that is like this is the real deal guys and WHY?

Our sense of humour has always been one of the most powerful ways we have stayed in someway sane in the hardest of times. Take a minute to think, to think of that thing that made you laugh and then laugh again whenever it popped into your head that day, and how that made you feel better, it works doesn’t it?

I was going for a walk near Blackrock Castle with a friend of mine in Summer 2019, she too had been through grief like my own family in the last few years. Typically, in my circle when we meet up, we can exchange book titles of all the latest and greatest in Mental Health, HR etc. those what can be life saving books that give you the very latest top 10 tips for dealing with what can be hard in your day. HOWEVER, on this day this friend walked to a different beat literally, she spoke about humour, about how restorative it is to laugh, how much it helps her and how much she would highly recommend it to me. Of course, at the time I did listen, but did I do anything about it? Not really, I have to say. However, we do things when we are ready and in my own experience something as core as our sense of humour will raise its head again even if we do not make much of an effort to do this! In my own case I could have definitely made this happen a LOT faster, my turn around time was probably over a year if I am honest….

My friend’s brilliant advice was in Summer 2019 and it was only by chance that myself and my husband ended up finding something to do with an old blanket box really funny in Summer 2020 (do not ask) and that gave my sense of humour the kick start it needed like a 1979 Volkswagen Golf!!!!


One year later. Ever since thanks to both of my sons I get reminded to laugh with whatever they are deciding to tell me about what was so funny in their day. Both usually give me quite different examples I have to say and that is what makes it interesting…. Then last weekend picking up “my last few things” before Christmas I saw the latest and possibly greatest printed edition of Waterford Whispers nestled within the shelves at Easons Book Store.

I HAD to buy this for my husband, he has always been a fan. Inevitably what happened? I picked it up “just to look at the cover” yesterday, of course I ended up checking out most of the content. It never disappoints, I did laugh, and I laughed more than once… I am familiar with their format and know what to expect and sometimes the brain gets more “ah this is just more of the same”. However, this was not my experience, it bypassed any judgment and basically just made me LAUGH and GIGGLE. That then gave me the motivation to get out of the house when it finally stopped raining to get some desperately needed fresh air.

Thank you, Waterford Whispers, and bring it on please for 2021!

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