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Let us all Buck Up this July and make some extra Bucks!

Let us all Buck Up this July and make some extra Bucks!

Some facts about July which you may find of interest and get you thinking and motivated to move forward:

1) The July full moon is known as The Buck Moon.

2) July borns are known to be independent and determined. They tend to be highly organised and are gifted with exceptional managerial skills, which can make them good team leaders or managers.

I am sure that there are plenty people with birthday’s this month will agree with number 2 above. I certainly do know people born in July and I can see those traits in them for sure. However, I could certainly identify many other characteristics that may not be as complimentary! Of course, if I was to look at our client listing, I could also identify the skills listed in plenty people that are not July-borns.

We all move along in our comfort zone and almost on automatic pilot. Every job is an important cog in the wheel and sometimes we underestimate its value. It is only when we speak about what we do that we actually see its value. Lots of times our clients will say ‘oh gosh, I never thought of it that way’ or ‘yes, I could do that job’. We forget that we have those transferrable skills that can be adapted to suit different jobs or that can be developed to a promotion, team leader or managerial position.

So this July, why not follow the full moon and take that buck. We can help you to see the way clearly with the light of that moon.



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