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Hit the Pause Button First CAO 2021


Hit the Pause Button First CAO 2021

The CAO has kicked off and we are now in full swing of minute by minute news updates of record high points across high demand courses plus brilliant results from many students.

Indeed, this is positive for many reasons however for many of us this is also PANIC causing.

Will I get my course, will I like the course I have been offered, do I need to accept this course as I might not get any other offers, what am I going to do?
And how do I answer the many questions from well meaning friends and family around what AM I DOING NEXT?
It’s hard without a doubt, its uncertain however YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

Panic is entirely normal, and we all feel it when the stakes are high. Give yourself a second and hit the pause button to read the next few lines for yourself….

Our team here in Human Reasons is available right now to guide you in your choices, we are local and we have so much expertise in this area. We genuinely know how you feel as we have been there ourselves, we have been through the education system many times over and we really do know how it works.

There are many others who are thinking about CAO such as new students into both 5th and 6th year, and we are always available to advise these students also.

Our contact details are below and do get in touch today if you need advice. Parents we are also here to support you and parents do get in touch also today if you need our professional advice to help you through the CAO season.

Contact us today on 086 2176742 or email

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